What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin disorder, which affects an estimated 2 million Canadians. Young and old.

What is happening with my skin

Rosacea often begins as a redness, like a blush, appearing on the face, but may gradually appear on the ears, chest, back, and eyes. Some people may also develop bumps or pimples on their cheeks, chin or forehead.

Rosacea is progressive, meaning if symptoms are not treated, and triggers are not managed, they may worsen over time. Rosacea is a chronic (long-term) condition, and while there is no cure, its symptoms can be reduced and managed.

Before treatment

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After 2 treatments

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Final result

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"...the results after 4 treatments are amazing and I don't not need to use make up to cover redness anymore!"

Patient's comment